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Vixus Property Advisory’s facilities maangement team is set up to provide an operationally focussed solution to our clients’ property management requirements. Our collection of specialised services can be uniquely tailored to a range of requirements, offering single services where appropriate, or combining a complex range of capabilities into a single facilities solution. Based in Bristol, we operate across the UK and are well placed to look after more remote or regional requirements as well as those closer to home. Our team is highly experienced in all aspects of property/facilities management and can boast an enviable client list, whilst retaining strong, professional relationships with the best regional and national suppliers in the market. Our operational management support can add value to a range of client types:
  • Corporate landlords and building owners
  • Property and asset management providers
  • Owner and whole building occupiers
  • Schools and public facilities
  • Public services premises, e.g. surgeries, dental practices etc.
  • Hospitality and restaurant premesis

H&S Compliance

Our management team comes with a wealth of experience in building services and safety compliance. We understand that, first and foremost, your building needs to be compliant with statutory legislation. We will provide advice regarding enhanced maintenance regimes based on industry best practice. This ensures that your building is maintained to the highest possible standard. We achieve this by:
  • Undertaking a thorough review of the property and preparing a detailed asset register
  • Procuring specialist risk assessments to highlight any compliance issues and recommendations
  • Drawing on our own experience and the advice of specialist partners to determine the best maintenance regimes
  • Tracking all tasks in real time via a cloud-based management system to ensure that nothing is missed

Supplier Management

We work with the best local, regional and national suppliers in the marketplace to ensure that you receive the service you expect. We recognise that all buildings have differing requirements, so we work with our clients to develop service scope and specification from the beginning. This ensures that the highest standards and most cost-effective solutions are delivered. All services can be uniquely tailored to your needs as a client, with a number of different billing and contractual models available. We work closely with our procurement team and FM consultants to identify the suppliers which will best suit your needs. We can implement competitive tender processes where appropriate, on a single site or portfolio basis.

Tenant Liaison

In property management, good relationships and regular liaison with occupiers are paramount to ensure things run smoothly. As technically qualified and practical people, we are well placed to manage and meet the needs of all parties with a vested interest. Our commitment provides:
  • 24-7 Helpdesk function
  • Real time tracking and regular reporting
  • Regular tenant and occupier meetings
  • Honesty and transparency in all dealings
  • Formalised SLAs to ensure a timely response
  • Single point of contact on a contract/property basis
  • Direct access to senior management for escalation if required
  • Confidence in our supply chain that they commit to our values

Service Charge & Life Cycle

Our property management function extends to service charge budgeting advice, supporting you to channel expenditure to where it is most needed. This includes both ongoing operational costs and capital expenditure for life cycle upgrade works. We will routinely expect to provide:
  • Draft expenditure figures in readiness for annual budgeting
  • Day-to-day management of expenditure against the budget
  • Regular reporting and reconciliation of expenditure
  • Cost control with suppliers, including dispute resolution
  • Administration of POs and invoices as required
  • Ongoing management of lifecycle and capital investment plans
We would ordinarily advise that a property life cycle model, or ‘PPM’, is prepared for every property; which will greatly assist in long-term cost planning. Our FM consultants and technical experts can assist in the preparation of these if required.

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